Banyan tree Batu bay, Ordos, Inner Mangolia

Design vision

The climatic appeal of the Batu Wan, with its seasonal rhythms, allowed for the creation of unique features, such as the outdoor fire pits surrounded by built-in seating, roof top lounges for spectacular sunset views and open bathing experiences with views of succulents gardens.

These unique features, the various entertainment areas and the water sports activity center all make this a luxury desert destination.

size : 22,000-square-meter building; 20 guestrooms; 40 villas


Riverboat to the hotel; specialty restaurant with sunken wine cave, destination spa; spacious rooms with open bath and garden view shower; built-in seating and multiple fire pits; roof top river viewing deck; performance space; and water sports activity center

Banyan Tree Batu Bay Lobby
Banyan Tree Batu Bay Courtyard
Banyan Tree Batu Bay Guestroom
Banyan Tree Batu Bay Bedroom
Banyan Tree Batu Bay Infinity Pool

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